La Pieus Aqua (Pty) Ltd is a full commercial Aquaculture and Aquaponic production facility where we make use of the newest production and smart farming techniques. La Pieus Aqua was the very first Commercial Aquaponic Facility that was accredited “Commercial” status by the Aquaponic Association of Southern Africa. La Pieus Aqua is affiliated to various other industry regulatory bodies. It is the only private facility in SA to be accredited by two Universities as training, research and “living lab” facility. We mainly farm with Oreochromus Mozambique’s (Tilapia) and Clarias Gariepinus (Sharp tooth Catfish).

Aquaponic & Hydroponic introductory course


Myths Busted  > Truths confirmed

3.5  Hour Course
Pretoria, La Pieus Aqua Training Facility

Cost R450p/p

This course will focused on the introduction and startup of Aquaponics and or Hydroponics as introductory knowledge and has especial been developed to explain myths and give clearance on facts of success and feasibility in order to either  make use Aquaponics as a sustainable food production or venture in to the commercial domain of Aquaponics. It contains introductory and practical information necessary to produce Protein and Vegetables in one system.