La Pieus Aqua in Partnership with AquaPro™ are the most elite Industry training institution in South Africa in presenting training courses in Pretoria, Namibia, Zimbabwe, DRC and Zambia,on Hobby/Commercial Aquaculture and Hobby/Commercial Aquaponics and many more workshops and Topics

fish Farming oversight & challenges

Workshop of 4 -5 Hours
Pretoria, AquaPro™ Training Academy 
Fee: R850 per person
Next Date: 22 May 2021

This workshop is a comprehensive trip through the introductory theory of Tilapia & Catfish Farming, from an overview of the global industry, through the infrastructure types, species being farmed, feeds & feeding, water quality management, fish health, economics and many other aspects pertinent to the investor considering this industry and needing information to justify and direct an investment decision.