La Pieus Aqua Holdings (Pty) Ltd has a full commercial Aquaculture and Aquaponic production, research and training facility, where we make use of the newest production and smart farming techniques. La Pieus Aqua was the very first registered Commercial Aquaponic Facility in SA, that was accredited “Commercial” status by the Aquaponic Association of Southern Africa. La Pieus Aqua Holdings(Pty)Ltd is affiliated to various other industry regulatory bodies. It is the only private facility in South Africa to be accredited by two Universities as training, research and “living lab” facility.


In 2017 the founder, Rikalize developed a Small modular sustainable system for individual families – sustaining a single family of 4-6 as part of her Feeding Africa dream.

We also extensively do a supplemental system which is a (semi commercial) for small holders, and or community centres to supplement existing kitchens.

  • This system deliver a field-validated framework (including a roll-out roadmap, handbook and project toolkit) as a step-by-step guide to design, implement and monitor the community-based embedment of (urban) aquaponics systems as a means to strengthen the micro-economic activity in the green economy and climate change adaptation of South Africa

  • Ideal for, i.e. research organisations, industry, government and local communities, old age homes, stokvels, clinics, churches, schools, correctional services, soup kitchens, restaurants, lodges and guesthouses.

  • With this we are building the adaptive capacity of individuals and rural communities through networking and sharing in order to reduce the impact of climate change specifically on food production, nutrition, vector-borne disease and health and as supplement to existing kitchens
suplemental system
suplemental system


At La Pieus Aqua Holdings we take pride in designing and developing Commercial aquaponic solutions for our clients and partners. Our systems are modelled on the concept of environmental responsibility through simplicity in design and ease of use. Regardless of its scope or size, every project benefits from our dedication and due diligence.

In designing and operating Commercial Aquaponic systems the most complex part is initiating and maintaining any aquaponic system, La Pieus Aqua has through experimental research and development, created an effective technique to condition new and current systems. Health of a young system sets the course for a flourishing future. Our approach ensures an accelerated growth from young system to full-fledged production.

  • Bacterial Culture Initiation
  • Nutrient Cycling
  • Water Quality Management

The Biome represents the lifeline of any aquaponic system providing the eco zone for the various micro and macro habitats that facilitate an aquaponic ecosystem.

  • Organic Seed Starting
  • Fish Species Selection
  • Seedling Transplant
  • Biome Population
  • Fish Acclimatisation
  • Hatchery Facilitation (Optional)