We offer a variety of services to our wide range of clients encompassing all stages of the R&D pipeline through to commercialisation. Our clients benefit from our vast, unrivalled network of trusted associates covering all fields of aquaculture from research through business development to hands-on aquaculture implementation projects, and everything in between.


We pride ourselves as the leader in Africa with Sustainable Modular Aquaponic systems which we manufacture and roll out via our Distribution network across Africa and mainly through Aquaponics Direct the specialist retail aquaponic shop outlets.

This small sustainable aquaponic unit called the Lappies™ unit has been awarded a world Gold Medal (International Science Expo – for design and business concept. Tunisia 2018) Also Finalist for the Better Together Award – Climate change Indaba

The unit is modular and fit on a 3×3 footprint and can feed a Family of 4-6 People sustainably.

Many studies have been done on the unit and a Master’s degree in co-Publishing was done in 2019 on the working and success of the Unit


The La Pieus Aqua Consulting team offers a comprehensive technical design and planning package to all clients. We evaluate the site conditions and relevant business prospects and offer a variety of system options and adaptations before finalising the optimal design. Following are the list of services available in the planning stage:

  • Site Evaluation & Planning
  • Engineering Specification Design
  • Commercial Business Plan
  • Custom 3D Modelling
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Material Procurement Support
  • Designing and Construction of your farm, based on your site and production plans
  • Providing budgetary costs for your farm
  • Assist in selecting feeding systems, databases and other related items
  • Disease treatment and fish handling systems
  • Cage design
  • Harvesting systems
  • Mortality removal systems
  • Vessel selection
  • Expansion plans & Staff training


One cannot develop a business without consulting. For advise please book a consultation.

We will consult and advise you on your proposed venture be it either Aquaponics or Aquaculture system or even if you want to fine tune an existing system.

With our consulting service we can offer wealth and or practical advice and guidance.


By involving La Pieus Aqua from the start, we can help link the systems and plans together. We provide comprehensive top-of-the-line Technical and electronic Smart solutions to our clients.

With our in-house design team with 28 years of electronic design background we offer of the top of the range technological solutions.

Sales and support of technological solutions in aquaculture markets.


We implement special step by step SOP`s for planning and maintaining the balance of the entire system by keeping the fish and plant population in sync through the cycles of seeding and harvest. For this purpose, it becomes essential for all our prospective clients to understand the various steps involved in successful planning, implementation, managing and troubleshooting of a healthy Aquaponic or Aquaculture system. We offer a comprehensive on-site mentorship and project supervision program as part of our services, for maintenance personnel and project owners. Remote support after commissioning is also made available to all projects as requested.

  • Maintenance Personnel Training
  • Mentoring and App control
  • Seed & Harvest Planning
  • Plant & Fish Nutrition
  • Fruiting and Pollination
  • Water Quality Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Error Minimisation
  • Pest & Disease Management
  • Certification Assistance
  • Documentation & Handover


As the only private institute in South Africa accredited by two universities as research facility we have done and will do more extensive research on various aspect of Aquaponics and Aquaculture.

Research and development has been done since 2017

  • Developed exclusive own App for the Industry and for use with the Lappies™ Unit.
  • Research on the modular sustainable aquaponic unit “Lappies™” to feed Africa, -Gold medal for research, development and business implementation. Also a master degree at the University of Paraku
  • Intensive vegetable research on different growing potentials in Aquaponics systems
  • Nutrient development in Aggregate grow medium.
  • Catfish breeding and intensive research on egg and incubation and Larvie development
  • Catfish feeding in Larvie stage to fry , with aim to reduce mortality.


La Pieus Aqua is a front runner in the development and manufacturing of new products and customisation for the industry as well as individual clients

We listen carefully to the needs of the industry and the individual clients and then conceptualise and finally commercialise the product. (Stage-gate model)

All products go through an intense testing phase and are more than often used by ourselves over time to establish durability and gather data for accurate implementation.

Our emphasis are on technology driven products and products that will save time, money and optimise production and better space and friendlier environment.

    Products developed by us:

    • Lappies™ Modular aquaponic system
    • Lappies and Aquaculture Heater
    • Aquaponic and Aquaculture App - Fishify
    • Aquaponic Grow pot rings.
    • Freestanding Aquaculture combination filters
    • Temperature controllers and logic devises
    • Water Level and flow controllers
    • Tilapia Hatchery Incubators/Tumblers

    Public Speaking

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