Aquaculture is the farming of aquatic organisms in both coastal and inland areas involving interventions in the rearing process to enhance production. The Purpose of Aquaculture farming is supporting food security, poverty alleviation and sustainable management of aquatic resources.

Our Farm

We mainly farm with Oreochromis Mozambique’s (Tilapia) and Clarias Gariepinus (Sharp tooth Catfish)

Our clients benefit from our vast, unrivalled network of trusted associates covering all fields of Aquaculture, from research through business development to hands-on aquaculture implementation projects, and everything in between.

We currently farm and breed Oreochromis Mozambique’s cultivated stain, most commonly referred to as orange or red Tilapia. We supply not only fish for food but also supply live fish to new and upcoming markets, new start-ups and stocking of new systems but also our own clients with whom we have off-take agreements.

Our current production is round 6 tons of Tilapia per annum, we only make use of RAS systems with the newest filtration technologies which was developed in-house for the industry.


Before any one can venture into Aquaculture make sure to do a due diligence.

La Pieus Aqua Holdings will assist in a thorough assessment, identifying risks and opportunities for your unique situation, to ensure a well-informed decision when entering into the field of aquaculture.  Ensuring that the project can create an opportunity for wealth and success.

Part of the due diligence proses is consultation. We offer a service to clients to engage with us for advice on future or current planned projects and ventures with care taken in to account of all aspects of the process to facilitate the projected outcome and understanding your needs and expectations.

After our first engagement we advise on the route forward and identify all needs and processes.

La Pieus Aqua Holdings gives you extensive Aquatic Solutions
Building a common vision for sustainable food production and agriculture, thereby contributing towards global food security.


The vast experience(28 years) of consulting engineering, construction, implementation and project management embedded in the management of the company give as a major advantage as leader in this field in the entire Africa.

Our services of design, costing and consultation forms an integral part of building to the clients exact specifications, we therefore offer a full turnkey solution from concept to success.

At La Pieus Aqua Holdings we believe in an on-site, hands-on approach. We make our hands dirty and our top engineers avail themselves for onsite support during the construction and build phases offering key insight into site-specific construction techniques to provide long-term system stability. Depending on project circumstances, we are able to either build or subcontract the construction phase. Our technical staff will be on site to direct and supervise the construction process including;

  • Construction – Work Plan Development
  • Site Preparation Supervision
  • Construction Supervision
  • Plumbing, Electrical and Trades Supervision